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OKO Group – Sole manufacturers of original, genuine OKO tyre sealants

OKO invented effective preventative puncture sealants in 1978. This is the home of the only genuine OKO. Accept no substitute.

Continuous development and innovation has since created the largest, most advanced range anywhere –

The World’s Favourite Tyre Sealants.



OKO’s specialist UK fitter for caravans and motorhomes, Puncture Control, has successfully obtained approval for the use of OKO from the prestigious National Caravan Council, which has awarded its ‘NCC Verified’ status. Puncture Control is appointing a network of dealers and installation centres around the UK. Contact them if you want to join their ranks. And if you are a caravan owner in another country, this approval by the UK industry is a strong endorsement for the safety benefits of having OKO fitted.

OKO NCC Verified logo

NCC Verified logo

2. ANOTHER World MTB Star switches to OKO Magic Milk™ tubeless tyre sealant: David Rosa, seven-times Portugese champion and Rio Olympics contestant, now uses and endorses Magic Milk™. Our new video, featuring David, will be available soon…

David Rosa in action

David Rosa in action

3. NEW OKO DISTRIBUTOR IN SAUDI ARABIA: We are delighted to welcome Diesel Machinery to the ever-expanding worldwide list of Distributors: they have just taken delivery of their first container so vehicle users in the Kingdom can contact them for puncture protection at or via Toll-Free number: 920002395.

To obtain OKO, click on ‘Find a Distributor’. If you do not see an outlet, please contact us.

OKO Group seeks distributors for different countries and specific Market Sectors. (Don’t sign with any tyre sealant without reading our Distributor Information Blog…)

All puncture sealants are not created equal. Choose OKO tyre sealant for the ultimate in protection.


SIMA, Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2017, Paris Nord Villepinte, France (Kramp France stand, 3B 100)

MOTORTEC, Mar 15-18, 2017, Feria de Madrid, Spain (Sernesa stand)

OKO: an ISO 9001 Quality Company: Certificate renewed without restrictions, 2016

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