UK: +44 (0)238 155 0058

Spain: +34 952 53 41 55

Country Products Sold Distributor Contact
UK All OKO Sales Ltd
UK 4 wheel Kramp UK
UK Bicycles Madison (Nutrak)
UK Caravans, installs Puncture Control
UK 4 wheel HSC Machinery, Spares & Consumables
Northern Ireland All L A Distribution Ltd
Ireland All OKO Ireland
France All Anti-Crevaison OKO
France 4 wheel F1 Distribution
France 4 wheel Camso France SAS
France 4 wheel Kramp France
France Bicycles BS Trading
Denmark 4 wheel OKO-Line SPS
Denmark Bicycles T-Bikes
Norway Bicycles T-Bikes
Sweden Bicycles T-Bikes
Finland 4 wheel Nortire
Finland Bicycles Foxcomp
Netherlands/Benelux All Tyre Seal Company
Netherlands 4 wheel Kramp Nederland B.V.
Netherlands/Benelux 4 wheel Bohnenkamp Benelux BV
Belgium 4 wheel Kramp België
Belgium/Benelux 4 wheel Eurogarden NV/SA
Belgium/Luxembourg 4 wheel Sobeltop NV-SA
Germany 4 wheel Kramp GmbH
Austria 4 wheel Kramp GmbH
Switzerland 4 wheel Bohnenkamp Suisse
Italy Bicycles Irontrust SAS
Italy Bicycles BSC srl (Bike Suspension Center)
Italy 4 wheel Kramp Italia
Italy 4 wheel Camso Italy SPA
Italy 4 wheel Malz snc
Spain 4 wheel/MCs Dontyre
Spain 4 wheel Sernesa del Neumatico
Spain 4 wheel Kramp Iberica
Spain Bicycles Distriplex
Portugal Bicycles Bikecessory
Portugal 4 wheel/MCs Sobralpneus LDA
Portugal 4 wheel/MCs Dontyre
Poland 4 wheel OKO Group Polska
Estonia 4 wheel Nortire
Estonia Bicycles UAB "JW Trade"
Belarus 4 wheel Nortire
Latvia 4 wheel Nortire
Latvia Bicycles UAB "JW Trade"
Lithuania 4 wheel Nortire
Lithuania 4 wheel PGM Technika
Lithuania Bicycles UAB "JW Trade"
Hungary Bicycles Bike Trade 97
Cyprus Bicycles Polys Poumbouris & Sons
Greece Bicycles Podilatis
Turkey All ROMSA Muhendislik Metal
United Arab Emirates 4 wheel Jaspa
Oman 4 wheel Jaspa
Saudi Arabia 4 wheel Diesel Machinery Co. Ltd.
Jordan 4 wheel The Cube for Consultancy
Israel All Musach Hatractor Ezra
India Mining/Construction Trident International Pvt. Ltd
Malaysia All E-Response Group
Thailand All Siriwan Plastics Co Ltd
Vietnam All OKO Vietnam
Philippines All American Technologies
Greater China (inc. Hong Kong, Macau) All CAP Global Ltd
Australia Bicycles/MCs Cassons Pty Ltd
USA (West Texas, Arizona, New Mexico) 4 wheel Triad Industrial Consulting LLC
Canada 4 wheel Groupe Alltech
Mexico All Jorge Humberto Mena Baduy
Panama/C. America 4 wheel American OKO
Brazil Bicycles STA Rontek
Chile Bicycles Oxford Bikes
Peru 4 wheel OKO Peru
Peru Bicycles Oxford Bikes
Argentina Off Road Larocca Mineria
Argentina On Road & MCs Mercosur
Argentina Mining & Trucks Cowdin SA
Uruguay Mining & Trucks Cowdin SA
Uruguay Bicycles/MCs Carlos M. Brogioli
South Africa All Cape Agricultural Products
Namibia All Cycledelic
Tanzania All OKO Tanzania
Kenya All The Cycle Importers Ltd
Nigeria 4 wheel Allied Crest
Reunion All AVMA Distributions
Mauritius All AVMA Distributions
Benin 4 wheel Jomay
Togo 4 wheel Jomay

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