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OKO Group – Sole manufacturers of original, genuine OKO tyre sealants

OKO invented effective preventative puncture sealants in 1978. This is the home of the only genuine OKO. Accept no substitute.

Continuously developed, The World’s Favourite Tyre Sealants are now trusted in over 80 countries.

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OKO Sealant Dosage Calculator

OKO Sealant Dosage Calculator


OKO Get-u-Home™, the great digital compressor/sealant kit, has been a big success – and the NEW Version 2 now has a bigger 400ml bottle for added sealing power as well as a Presta valve adapter so both bicycle valve types can be inflated. And best of all – there is no increase in price! 

How much OKO should you use per tyre? See on this page – and on the product pages – our great new Dosage Calculator! Simply enter the tyre size – exactly as shown on the sidewall – and select your OKO Product. Currently available for OKO Off Road, Mining Xtra Heavy Duty, RTG Heavy On Road, and Quads. It’s the most comprehensive calculator ever offered by a tyre sealant company.

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OKO Group seeks distributors for different countries and Market Sectors. (Especially seeking specific regions in USA and India; also Germany, Greece, Africa, Australia, New Zealand…)

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All puncture sealants are not created equal. Choose OKO.

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